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Criminal Appeals Attorney

Post Conviction Legal Representation

Judges can be wrong in their rulings. Juries can be swayed by prejudices and fear. Innocent Oklahoma criminal defendants sometimes receive unfair sentences and suffer needlessly. These wrongful convictions can occur as the result of common mistakes made during your defense process. In many cases, a defendant's verdict can be reversed by seeking an Oklahoma criminal appeal assisted by an experienced Oklahoma appellate attorney.

The legal system can be very intimidating. Many Oklahoma defendants will accept their sentences without question and endure a lifetime of injustice. Frequently, when a criminal case is examined by a skilled Oklahoma appellate lawyer, potential causes for an inappropriate sentence are uncovered. The criminal appeal process is designed to give defendants another chance to present their case in front of a higher court, such as the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, the Oklahoma Supreme Court or even the United States Supreme Court.

Common Reasons to Seek a Criminal Appeal

Although there are many good reasons to seek a criminal appeal, some of the more common mistakes include:

  • The trial court excluded defense evidence that should have been heard by the jury;

  • The court permitted the jury to hear prosecution evidence that should have been excluded;

  • The district attorney made unintentional errors or engaged in intentional misconduct;

  • The defense attorneys made mistakes which deprived the defendant of the effective assistance of counsel.

Such actions provide sufficient reason for a higher Oklahoma or Federal court to overturn a conviction by way of the criminal appeal process.

Exercise your Right to Appeal

Every person convicted by bench or jury trial of a crime in Oklahoma has the right to appeal the conviction to a higher court. Exercise your right. Appeal your conviction. There is only a limited amount of time to appeal a conviction, so it is crucial that you contact a competent Oklahoma appeals attorney immediately. Call 1 (888) Jury-Pro or 1 (888) 587-9776 to speak to a Jury Pro lawyer about your case now.

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