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If you are charged with a criminal offense in Oklahoma that requires you to appear in court, the answer is always, " Yes." When you represent yourself in court, you are presumed to understand the laws, rules, and procedures of the criminal justice system. The prosecutor and the judge are not your advocates in the courtroom, they are not there to help you identify the best strategies for your particular case. The prosecutor’s role is to convict the guilty and the judge’s job is to facilitate an orderly courtroom. Their responsibilities do not include providing legal advice to you.

If the prosecutor puts forth sufficient evidence of your guilt to a judge or jury, you will be convicted of a crime. If you are convicted of a crime, you can be incarcerated and/or fined, and ordered by the court to complete other terms and conditions. Furthermore, a conviction can appear publicly on the Internet or in background checks that can permanently hinder your employment prospects. But, specific defenses and approaches are available to contest criminal charges in court. In many situations, if a case is effectively defended in court, the charges can be dismissed or disposed in a matter that does not result in a conviction.

That is what makes proper legal representation so critical. You need to know what you can do to protect your legal rights. The criminal defense lawyers at Jury Pro can evaluate your specific situation to determine what defenses and approaches are best suited to resolve your case. Call (888) Jury-Pro or (888) 587-9776 to speak to an attorney about your case.

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